Posted: Dec 09, 2019 7:27 am
by Spearthrower
Jayjay4547 wrote:In this clip a chimp grabs a man’s hands in his own and vigorously swings him around (1m31s).

What's particularly beautiful in the cosmic irony of Creationists sense is that I originally showed this video years ago when JJ was claiming that chimpanzees employ their canines as lethal weapons against predators.

This is the very video where JJ continued to insist he was right that chimpanzees lunge maws gaping at threats, even though no such behavior occurs, by pointing to the single frame right on the cusp between 0:57 and 0:58 and asserting that this is where the chimp bit the man.

This is a perfect example of how JJ refuses ever to acknowledge errors, and even though he's now employing this video in direct contradiction to one of his earlier arguments (babushkas) he will no doubt be insistent he's right now, and if pushed, would also insist his prior argument was also right.

There's no reasonable discussion to be had with someone for whom their own opinion is gospel.