Posted: Jan 16, 2020 10:21 pm
by SafeAsMilk
The guy with the red underpants -- seems like a pretty good argument against religion! Some rando person presenting in a ridiculous way, claiming to have authority you can be pretty well certain they don't have. Own goal!

At least we start with a foundation of accepting that what we see is real, and that we can apply reason to it. Unfortunately it's followed by an appeal to common sense, which is the equivalent of saying "ignore reason and logic and go with your gut." You can see where this guy is going: "Order doesn't spontaneously arise from chaos." It's the old "Someone must have organized this" chestnut, as usual presented in a way where the person declaring it doesn't actually have to do any work to support their contention. Middle of page 5, it totally jumps the shark. No point in going any further, from here on out it's one bald-faced declaration after another. He's the guy in the red underpants telling you "Well of course I'm here to check the meter! Common sense says so!"