Posted: Feb 15, 2020 9:41 pm
by Rumraket
Mr. Skeptic wrote:
an unguided, natural process which increases the genetic information of an organism; creating new genes which did not previously exist. These new genes cause an increase in physical complexity and associated behavior, both of which increase the organisms ability to survive and pass on these traits to offspring


Well all you need to know is that this cannot be a successful theory of evolution because it would fail to account for things like gene loss and genome reduction.

While what he is describing have occurred to some lineages, the opposite has also occurred to many others. It depends on many different factors whether gene gain or loss, or increased or reduced complexity, is adaptive, deleterious, or neutral. To a very rough approximation, more simple and unchanging environments with strong competition for the same limited resource, generally favors simpler organisms.

In other words, he has deliberately constructed a straw-man version of evolution such that he can compare his ill-conceived definition with some experimental result that contradicts it, so that he can then declare that since this thing he defined didn't occur in some experiment, evolution must be false since it can only ever produce that thing in the experiment.