Posted: Apr 12, 2020 7:58 am
by Thomas Eshuis
Wortfish wrote:
Rumraket wrote:
Ahh the "specific / peculiar compotent" as opposed to the "generic" one. What the hell does that mean? Either two components work together or they do not. Some times they do, and when they do, natural selection can favor that association.

By specific/peculiar, I mean a component that is new, not something recruited from an existing inventory.

Then you're asking for a straw-man as nothing is completely new. Everything is always constructed from existing atoms and the like.
Just like the configuration of your body might be new, but the parts of which your body is made up have existed before your parents ever had sex.

Wortfish wrote:
Yeah some of them do this just by themselves. Some proteins will naturally oligomerize into structures like pentamers, hexamers, octamers or what have you. Naturally oligomerizing structures, created by a single protein all by itself. A single protein coding gene is expressed continously, and as the number of proteins build up they self-assemble into larger structures. Good examples are evolution of beta-propeller structures. A bona fide molecular machine that evolved.

You can't seriously claim that the bacterial flagellum, or eukaryotic cilium, are just a bunch of proteins thrown together. Rather, both represent a "purposeful arrangement of parts" that produce a specific function...i.e. design rather than random assemblage.

You trolling hasn't improved since the last time you shat in this thread. :roll: