Posted: Jun 23, 2020 8:41 am
by Fenrir
JustStarDust wrote:
Fenrir wrote:Someone said that. Somewhere. Sometime. That makes this all very interesting. :what:

Indeed. Plus, even if I did have the names of people with geologist credentials, it doesn't mean that you will, or should believe them, right? So names can be seen as pointless then. May as well not even try? :roll:

Um, no. Names of people who have published their work in recognized geological journals and had it generally accepted by peer review. That would be something to consider. People with actual names so as others reading of their brilliant paradigm shattering discoveries can look them up and review their previous work and how their work has been received by others.

You really aren't very good at this, maybe stick to jaqing off till you can manage not to completely flub that before taking on more difficult tasks.