Posted: Jul 02, 2020 5:03 pm
by Cito di Pense
Wortfish wrote:

Is this all just a happy coincidence that this astonishing phenomenon occurs only on Earth, the only planet know to contain intelligent life that can observe it? Or is it just further evidence for design in the universe?

You decide.

The plane of the moon's orbit is inclined to the plane of earth's rotation by approximately 5.1°. Is this a special number or not? Is it exactly 5.1°? Why or why not? Why is the pole of earth's rotation inclined 23 and a fraction degrees to the plane of the ecliptic? What if the rotation axis were inclined parallel to the ecliptic? Would the climate be funkier? Anyway, this is why we don't have lunar and solar eclipses every month, like clockwork, like design.

What are all these numbers? Can they be the product of design, unless you crave to stuff some design in there? Why is is called the "ecliptic"? Do you see something in there that reminds you of "eclipse"? You decide, but prepare to be laughed off stage. Then you'll disappear for a few weeks to lick your wounds, but you'll be back, with yet further inane questions, having forgotten that you can't demonstrate any clever ability to troll a skeptic website. It's either that, or you're hiding your light under a bushel.