Posted: Jul 02, 2020 5:34 pm
by Fallible
Wortfish wrote:We all know the the law of gravity explains why celestial bodies orbit each other by the power of attraction between masses.

However, there is no physical law that fixes them in any kind of positional distance from each other.

A solar eclipse is made possible by the fact that the Sun is 400 times the distance the moon is to the Earth and that it is also 400 times larger in diameter:

The solar eclipse is also not very regular - and so a special treat - because the moon's orbital plane is slightly misaligned from Earth's orbital plane around the sun: ... ipses.html

Is this all just a happy coincidence that this astonishing phenomenon occurs only on Earth, the only planet know to contain intelligent life that can observe it? Or is it just further evidence for design in the universe?

You decide.

Just further evidence lol