Posted: Jul 13, 2020 11:40 pm
by Tuor
felltoearth wrote:
Tuor wrote:
2 - All of those that tried to prove the non-existence of a Good like creature failled.

You cannot prove non-existence. The burden of evidence is on the person making a positive claim: the existence of a god or gods.

Yet, that was exactly what Stephan Hawking tried to do. Hubble proved with astronomical evidences that the universe was expanding (doppler effect), it was assumed at the time that the universe was slowing down ist expantion. Stephan Hawking, which had just graduated started working in a project were they planned to triangulate the universe using math, however the results weren't the ones the team was expecting, the universe was increasing its expantion, proving that the universe had an origin, something we currently know as the Big Bang. Stephan Hawking and the others supported the scientifical view (common then) that universe had existed since ever, but they proved otherwise, the universe did had a beggining.

Later, the Catholic Church used the newfound scientifical evidences to state the the act of creatinism was the Big Bang.