Posted: Jul 24, 2020 12:26 pm
by PensivePenny
theropod_V_2.0 wrote:
laklak wrote:We used to own property in Western North Carolina, GodGunsGritsLand. I never discussed religion, politics, or anything contentious with anyone. "Where you go to church?" was a common question, I would just answer "I'm not much of a church goer" and they'd leave it alone.

I don’t think you were hearing invites. We’ve lived on our mountain over 20 years, and locals consider us “from off”. Fine by me. Those folks asking were looking for juicy gossip, ie “You hear them newcomers from Florida go to church at Sweetwater Baptist. Can you believe it?”


Yup... it's all about the gossip, RS. There are locals here I've become acquainted with who haven't met my "wife" yet. Of course, the two "lesbians" up on the ridge were a hot topic last year. Still, I hear some of those acquaintances are just dying to get a look at her. Hehehe.

Lak, I swore I wouldn't talk politics or religion up here... but dammit... I can't help myself. I'm a scorpion. It's what I do. However, I have managed to restrict the comments to the local townie FB group. I have a tiny bit of anonymity because I'm new here and use a fictitious last name, but the townies all know I'm one of "those people." Otherwise, the people I engage with are all known locals. One idiot I engaged with was one of the elected county commissioners. We went back and forth on the use of masks. Now, some of you here will remember I'm not the polished debater that some of you are, but the locals here have had so little practice in critical thinking, even their elected officials don't present much of a challenge to an amateur like me. Anyway, long story short, the guy ended up posting some things that were not politically expedient for an aspiring politician. When this was brought to his attention, he deleted his account. LOL. I consider that a win.