Posted: Sep 24, 2020 4:52 pm
by Wortfish
OlivierK wrote:
I couldn't be arsed going through your trainwreck of arbitrarily chosen points, but I'll do the one I quoted earlier, about the explanation of geographic diversity.

Evolution: I'm perfectly happy with your evaluation that evolution satisfactorily explains geographic diversity. Therefore 5 points.

Evolution accepts principles such as migration and population isolation that no creationist would dispute.

Creationism: You posit the possibility that kangaroos being native to only Australia could be explained by migration (zero evidence/0 points) or that they may have once been found everywhere, but became extinct outside Australia (zero evidence/0 points).

We have kangaroo-like fossils in India, the presumed route of the marsupials on the way from the Middle East (resting place of the Ark) to Australia: ... 327084.cms

The ancestors of the orangutans (based in SE Asia) have also been found in India.