Posted: Sep 25, 2020 9:42 am
by JustStarDust
I have time for BS. It's fun.

If that BS does have some truth, then it's interesting to me. I can't speak for everyone in the forum though, obviously.

The more I listen & read about the God story, it apparently goes something like this:

God created stuff, and then Satan wanted his own creation, so God banished him to Earth. Ever since then, Satan has been trying to mess with the original creation, and tempt people to work for him. In doing so, many people assume that God did stuff that Satan actually did, so we blame God for the 'bad' stuff. Which seems pretty lame I must admit - but somewhat interesting if true.

If God does exist, then he or she or it, could fix all of the issues, creating a perfect utopia for all. But maybe it's too late? Maybe it's a huge test of faith? Maybe it's God teaching Satan that his creation methods are 'bad', because the method is cruel and mocking Gods work. Over time, it will be the humans who create the perfect world.
Humans will stop doing bad stuff and in doing so, prove to Satan that even lying and temptation wont work.
Even with or without the belief in anything 'super natural'. We need people to tell the truth, and not take bribes. Expose corruption, etc.