Posted: Feb 07, 2021 7:25 pm
by Spearthrower
I’m not so sure you want to know that all the things that live and grow,
Were all started long ago in tiny cells that split and so,
We’re not so special you and I, there is no creator in the sky.
But if there is and he did make
us all let’s say for arguments sake.
Let us suppose that all great and small
was manufactured, not nature’s call.
Was brought into life by a knowing hand
Which detailed every single strand
Of DNA in every beast
And every plant that is or was, at least
Admit that the way in which it was done
Was not by designing every one.
But by setting up a way
For each generation to add or take
A little change, a variation.
An incremental gene mutation.
That after eons ages years
After blood and sweat and tears
Would evolve from miniature creatures
To complex creatures with all sorts of features.
And so to sum it all up for you.
I can provide more kins it’s true
That all life which we’ve ever known on this Earth IS a kin we are not alone.
So I Dawkins see kins, All kins.

This bit was very clever and well put together.