Posted: May 04, 2022 9:43 am
by Rumraket
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Weirdly, though, that just doesn't seem to be happening. Somehow we have a new variant called Omicron spreading rapidly and outcompeting the Delta variant, and with a considerable immune-escape component. So just when is this virus supposed to mutate itself out of existence? It's still around and appears to be going strong.

And now there are sub-variants of Omicron. I suspect it will take a few too many mutational turns and fizzle out eventually.

Great. Come back and post here when that happens. :whistle:

Covid cases globally have been falling rapidly: ... -last-week

It's still around though, and there's no indication it's going to mysteriously disappear. Before cases drop, they rise, and after they rise they drop again. People become infected, cases rise, people develop immunity, cases drop, the virus mutates so it can re-infect previously immune, then cases rise, they develop immunity again, cases drop. Rinse and repeat.

All viruses that persist in the human population fluctuate in frequency and have their "seasons" where cases increase and then wane again. But they're all still around. Colds, flus, and all the other types of respiratory viruses, foodborne illnesses etc. They're all still around.

Come back here and post when SARS-Cov2 has no descendants detected in the human population. Until that happens, you coming here to post that cases are dropping is of no value or significance. The number you need is zero. Any frequency above zero, no matter where on a recent trendline, does not substantiate your case because we expect viruses to rise and fall in frequency all the time.