Posted: Jun 28, 2010 4:16 am
by johnbrandt
Darwinsbulldog wrote:DI is an inane concentration of mind-pus. One wonders what would happen if they succeeded in their goals. Instead of a noble intelligent species reaching for the stars, we would have a stupid ape, sitting in the dark on a pile of its own feces, to stupid to move, and quivering in fear at the "magic" that surrounds it. [Like lightning and thunder]. So instead of "childhood's end" and the progress of humanity, we would revert to helpless, neurotic children in the dark, catatonic in our fear and superstition. That it the Discovery Institute's "gift" to humanity.

...but how are we supposed to control people and make them keep paying us a regular tithe if they aren't pig-ignorant savages who think every natural phenomena is the result of some bearded guy snapping his fingers and going "cha cha cha!" (while wearing a fez, probably :lol: )...?