Posted: Jun 29, 2010 3:44 pm
by dionysus
Robert Byers wrote:
A university is not just the bosses.

Nobody said universities were the bosses of anything except, of course, the professors that work there.

Robert Byers wrote:In fact there is opposition from them.

Liberty University is not an accredited university.

Robert Byers wrote:A Movie are made about it.

All your movie are belong to us! Oh, you mean Expelled? Someone set us up a (box office and intellectual) bomb!

Robert Byers wrote:Yet ID largely moves amongst serious thinking people who take the time to think and read about these matters.

Kent Hovind is not a serious, thinking person.

Robert Byers wrote:Its quite successful. Thats why its a growing threat.

In what bizarro universe has creationism achieved any academic success?