Posted: Jul 20, 2010 12:18 am
by willhud9
Thank you for posting this =] I will do my best not to make those same blunder my fellow creationists have made in the past, but attempt to make at least valid points. My job is not to convince you of a God, nor do I want to convert you. It is not my obligation nor is it allowed in forum rules ;); however, I would like to get people thinking. This is the core of the development of science. Creationism could very well be wrong, I may be an idiot for believing in such an "out-dated mythology," but at the very same time, the tenets for macro-evolution could very well be wrong. Science should never stop looking for answers and that includes the idea of evolution. I hope I can learn and grow on this site by reading those who are more scientifically inclined than I, but I do hope that I may contribute positively to any discussion.