Posted: Jul 25, 2010 4:21 pm
by mark1961
amused wrote:
mark1961 wrote:
amused wrote:

I'm SO glad you said that. I'm an architect. I design things. When I see a good design, I recognize and appreciate the hand of the designer. I see a good design in the universe, which implies a designer.

Depends on which way up you look at this argument. In some small way aren't you trying to imitate nature in your work. Which would leave the question of who created nature separate.

Go to a construction site. It's a violent attack on the surface of the planet. All the materials are ripped from the ground, processed, handled by hundreds of people, and forcibly put in place. There's nothing natural about it. The built environment is a temporary affront to nature, a nature that works every day to tear it down.

But yeah, the question of who/what created nature is a separate question. That was my point. I think we do a great disservice to ourselves to get caught up in quibbles over scripture and flagellum thingy things. That puts the argument on their terms.

You make it sound like what a glacier does. Which was likely responsible for juxtaposing those rather nice different coloured and textured pebbles.

I'm partially in agreement with you over scripture. As for flagella I've learnt things about them and wonder if the present "controversy" has also spurred scientists to also do further research.