Posted: Jul 25, 2010 10:30 pm
by theropod

You aren't going to bother hanging around so that I can address your response?

I call that bad form, especially since I made a real effort to exchange views in an civil manner!

Stay, or go, it makes no difference to me, although I'm sure there are others here that hold much stronger views.

Was your response supposed to cover new ground, or ask for what has not already been provided? Maybe I'm just unable to get a grip on whether you want to argue against actual evolutionary theory or this mixed up representation I don't recognize as approaching reality.

Come on Steve, don't run off in an emotional reaction to rebuttal of your position.

Can you freely tell us the last time you admitted to being completely wrong about anything, publicly? I'm quite sure there are plenty of errors within this posting to establish my imperfections. I have made gross errors in public fora, and if one can find a posting where I didn't own this error I'll buy a round for the entire board.

However when I talk to you about something in the fossil record I do my level best to make sure my facts are supported by other studies, my own observations and examinations which support my position. The reason I like peer reviewed work is that it gives me insight into areas where once we did not know how something works(ed) and now we do. Sure the publication system has changed since the time of Darwin, but rest assured the 150 years of follow-on work since Darwin establish his premise as surviving the peer review process.

Something to think about.

Take care if you're really outta here, or if ya stay. :coffee: