Posted: Jul 25, 2010 11:10 pm
by scruffy
The vid on this thread has a great one, and one that has been avoided like the plague: That a bio-system that formed in a single species was capable of spreading to other speices and how that took place. Or, did thousands of species all form all the same bio-system at about the same time? Not a plausible or possible scenario, of course. CA is not an answer but will be yours.
That natural selection was capable of inventing incredible bio-systems from a uni-celled earth. I know you evos don't like the notion of invention, but bio systems were inventions far more than any invention at the US Patent Office. There was no model or design or prior art for natural selection et al to go by. So how did that take place?
How did the designing and assembling of those systems take place in the species that the inventions formed in?
Being a dentist, this one has really bothered me: That mutaions can form and transfer information to odontolbasts, and ameloblasts so they will "know" when to turn on and turn off the knitting of enamel and dentin which will leave those incredible little sculptures that are our teeth. Since there are millions of odontoblasts and ameloblasts, each one must stop at a different point in time. Are NS and RM capable and powerful enough to originate and relay this information to the cells?

So you don't understand how an organism's genome carries the digital information for passing on traits to offspring? You don't understand how those traits came to be through millions of years of cumulative selection? And furthermore, you find it hard to believe that this genetic information can be used during embryological development?
And you majored in biological sciences? Forgive me for saying it, but you are either a poe or a liar.