Posted: Jul 26, 2010 12:28 am
by robinhood
stevebee92653 wrote:
robinhood wrote:wow, that was a dictionary definition of a dodge. What is it about scientifically peer reviewed papers that scare you? Are you just jealous that you can't produce any scientifically verifiable material of your own? Peer reviewed literature is the corner stone of scientific advancement. It does not mean that the content in the paper is infallible BUT if it has passed the proper scientific hoops it certainly adds credibility to the theory. No creationist has ever even TRIED to subject a paper to scientific review because they know about the intellectual bichslap from actual scientists that would ensue. I think this video would be helpful for you to watch

Right. Evo-peer reveiwed papers are the Bible here, and are not to be questioned. Like Matthew, Mark, and Luke peer reveiwing John. I agree.


first of all, epic fail on trying to post inside my comment, second of all, you clearly didn't read where I said "scientific peer reviewed literature isn't infallible" Not everything related to evolutionary theory is simply passed through because it is evolution related. Getting passed through scientific peer review is sort of like a stamp of approval. It means that the chances of something being correct is higher once the idea is reviewed by others. EVERY SINGLE branch of science does this for every topic put forward. They CAN be questioned but it is feeble to do so because the best in the world have already tried to do so.