Posted: Jul 26, 2010 12:47 am
by Latimeria
Rumraket wrote:
I especially like how he now ducks out after I have told him to correct a direct falsehood on his blog.

Yeah, he's really not into scientific accuracy. The only thing I recall him changing during our previous encounter with him was the estimated time frame during which T. Rex roamed the earth (because it was irrelevant to the point he was trying to make).

He didn't change his comments about the "Dawkins is stumped" video after he was made aware of its fraudulent nature, he didn't change his claim that the ONLY way two strands of RNA can be separated is by "enzymes and life", and I sincerely doubt he will change anything on his blog because of your argument regarding nylonase. I'm sure everyone who participated in the RDF thread that has been linked could point to something different that Steve clings to despite demonstrations of its falsehood.

The fact is, knowledgeable people are not fooled by his blog. He paints intellectually dishonest pictures in order to persuade the naive, the uneducated, and the fence-sitters. His blog does not need to be scientifically accurate, because his target audience doesn't know the difference.

And Steve, for all your bluster about how nobody here is really a skeptic... I arrived at the conclusion that the theory of evolution accurately describes reality precisely because I am a skeptic. At no point thereafter did I stop being a skeptic. I continue to seek out arguments against my own viewpoint. I'm sorry that your arguments all fail and don't stand up to scrutiny. You just want us to be skeptical of everything except what you say.