Posted: Jul 26, 2010 1:08 am
by Shrunk
stevebee92653 wrote:
Shrunk wrote:It's especially funny because, as pig-ignorant as that idea is, it also refutes the claim that he has been making all along here: If he thinks that it's possible for dogs and wolves to have separate ancestral origins, yet still be capable of interbreeding, then that is exactly the process that he claims must be possible for his bizarre version of evolution to occur.

Note: A continuing strawman. I don’t find anything compelling about dogs and wolves in proving evolution or not. Not big to me, but you keep harping on it like it is. If you are that hard up for evidence, you are hurtin’. And no I don’t know or care where Chihuahua’s came from.

From the horse's mouth, people, if anyone still doubted.

No. Steve. ADParker raised the ancestry between dogs and wolves in a quixotic attempt to help you understand some basic evolutionary concepts. Of course, it went sailing over your head.

My point in raising the topic, OTOH, was just to inform or remind everyone how utterly deficient your understanding of even grade-school level biology is. The average ten year old, I'm sure, could give a reasonable explanation for the origin of breeds of dogs, chihuahuas included. Somehow a genius inventor like yourself can't figure that out (Or how to operate the quote function, for that matter.)