Posted: Jul 26, 2010 5:33 pm
by Darwinsbulldog
amused wrote:I'm not promoting any type of creationism that involves a creator separate from creation. I'm wondering out loud if the universe itself has intent, and thus the ability to create itself as it sees fit. Probably a derail from the OP so I'll start a new thread.

Ok, I accept that you are not plugging for a god-creator.
But to have "intent" you have to have consciousness or intelligence, how does that work. :ask: How can the universe have "intent". To be sure, when biologists are studying adaptations, they can take a fruitful "stance" from an "engineering perspective" and pretend "design" or "purpose" as a sort of metaphor, or shorthand for NS as a filtering mechanism. "What is the purpose of a bird''s wing" or "How good is this limb design for power or speed?" Is that your argument?