Posted: Jul 28, 2010 10:16 am
by Shrunk
Robert Byers wrote: First its not scientists that are the problem. Science has little or nothing to do with origin issues. Evolution can't claim the prestige of science or scientists.

This is not a good case.
First all the rocks are designed. They are within the laws of the universe. They were not made round but became round by processes. They first were not round.
So copying them is copying a process and copying a process within a universe of design.
So they all are designed where a process was invoked to make them round.
The human made one just did it too.

Thanks, Robert, for making a very persuasive case against Intelligent Design.

If your trying to say the rocks are from chance then your wrong.
They are from laws in nature. No chance here at all.
This is rather a good case why creationism makes better points over the old evolution ideas.
Closer attention to presumptions.

Oh, too bad. And after such a promising start.

It is the creationists who mistake natural laws for "chance." Those who don't deny evolution fully understand the difference.