Posted: Jul 28, 2010 9:20 pm
by scruffy
eddie.zdi wrote:I have a question about Steve that I don't think anyone has asked yet... given that he was once
an evolutionaut, and an enthusiastic one at that
can anyone dig up a single piece of evidence of his torrid past of acknowledging reality?

I was thinking this same thing when I first had a look through his site. I've stopped caring since then. Any grasp he may think he had on reality, couldn't have really been a grasp on at all. For example:

SteveBee: I picked up one of my texts on the subject, and turned to a page that showed how early primates and man have the same lower first molar configuration with five cusps. Apes have four. Supposedly this showed that man is evolutionarily related those five cusped early primates. That ONE FACT satisfied me. It convinced me that evolution was the way EVERYTHING happened. That littlest of crumbs convinced me that natural selection et al formed all of nature. Astounding. How could I possibly been so fooled? Why was I so gullible. I was!

If that truly was all he needed to see in order to be convinced of ToE, then I think that speaks more to his intelligence and critical thinking skills than anything else. :roll:

(Taken from Bold is mine.)

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