Posted: Jul 29, 2010 11:22 pm
by Ubjon
Atheistoclast wrote:
Calilasseia wrote:


Tell that to SETI.

Tell them they are wasting their efforts looking for evidence of design.


In all likelyhood it probably is a complete waste of time what SETI are doing but their reasons for looking for artificial signals are different from the reasons that theists are looking for proof of design on Earth. They want to discover if there is intelligent life out there which isn't unreasonalbe since there is intelligent life on Earth so we know its possible. Creationists/ID'ers want to discover design to vindicate their beleif that God played a role in the creation and maintanance of life on Earth even through all the evidence points to life being a product of natural processes.

Not only do the reasons differ but so do the methods. SETI takes a scientific approach because they don't want to claim that they've received a signal from an alien race when they haven't. They have to account for and filter out huge amounts noise that originates from anthropogenic and natural sources. Creationists/ID'ers on the other hand just make false claims all the time in the hope that the sheer weight of their claims will convince people that what they are saying is true.