Posted: Aug 01, 2010 3:49 am
by Occam's Laser
stevebee92653 wrote:Occam’s Laser: Half the people on RD found my patents. While you were ragging there about my patents, they were writing that they had found them . Right hand doesn’t know what the left…….You are STILL ragging that I don’t have them here? You are way behind your compadres. If you want to see my stuff in action: I’m sure you could give a shit, and you won’t want to appear wrong, so I can imagine your response. I am on the vid, so get out your darts.

You are very confused. That stems from the time you were claiming your patents under your pseudonym, "Dr. Steven B. Lyndon," which you asserted was your actual real name on RDF as well as on your own website. When no patents were found that were issued to "Dr. Steven B. Lyndon," after much encouragement and prompting, you eventually did change the wording on your website to indicate your name wasn't actually "Dr. Steven B. Lyndon." You lost a metric shit-ton of credibility for using yourself as the basis for an Argument from Authority logical fallacy, when you weren't even using your own actual real name. When claiming you have had multiple patents issued, it generally helps to use a name which is actually connected to multiple patents.