Posted: Aug 05, 2010 2:54 pm
by dionysus
Darwinsbulldog wrote:
Calilasseia wrote:Oh, whilst entertaining this derail for a moment, even the heat-death of the universe won't result in uniformly spread energy. According to the current scientific consensus, once 101000 years has elapsed, and the universe is nothing but a sea of photons, it will be a realm in which quantum entanglement, and the uncertainty arising therefrom, will be in effect a macroscopic phenomenon. Which means that there will still be inhomogeneities in the distribution of energy. Plus, of course, those photons will themselves constitute local inhomogeneities.

Now returning you to your scheduled thread ...

Which means of course, that the whole damn thing might reboot itself! ;)

Like in Futurama? I call dibs on shooting Hitler. Now all I need is a forward time machine.