Posted: Aug 06, 2010 12:54 am
by Calilasseia
It's petunias time again ...

Robert Byers wrote:
Dudely wrote:You guys are missing the entire point of the rock thing.

Consider it this way: if god made everything than that means he had to design everything. If he designed everything than how can you tell that something is "designed" when you have no basis for what is NOT designed? By this reasoning even a rock is designed- WE can't make a rock without it being designed, so how could he? The very fact that you look at something like a pile of dirt, or rocks, or a dead swamp and say it's NOT designed makes your entire argument fall apart. The fact is that there are, indeed, some things that are clearly not designed. If your answer is that "oh those are caused by natural processes put in place by god" that just leaves open the question of how you determine what is designed by him and what is caused by his natural processes.

The fact of the matter is that ALL things are the result of natural processes. If you want to say they were caused by god that is another story, but please don't just come up and say something is designed because it just makes you look silly.

My comment stands well.

Correction, your blind assertions have been reduced to their constituent quarks. What part of "if you do not have entities belonging to two categories, you cannot test for either category", do you not understand?

Robert Byers wrote:They were made by processes. All rocks etc.

And exactly how does the existence of natural processes support "Magic Man did it"?

Robert Byers wrote:The paper you quoted just says it was a chemical origin and this is rare.

So "rare", Byers, that the author of that paper cited instances of boulders of the sort covered in that paper that can be found on two different continental land masses.

From the paper itself, we have:

Hanson & Howard, 2005 wrote:Investigations of the internet and in literature show that the spherical boulders found in Arkansas are not uncommon, as these types of concretions are known to occur worldwide, but they are unique in size and local abundance.

Exactly how does the authors' statement that these types of concretions "are not uncommon and known to occur worldwide" equal "rare" in any logically consistent universe, Byers?

Robert Byers wrote:i didn't know about this but its obscure.

Exactly how does "these concretions are known to occur worldwide" equal "obscure" in any logically consistent universe, Byers?

Robert Byers wrote:in fact only a few papers have been done on it.

Oh, read them all, have you? In which case you can provide citations for all of these "few" papers you have read.

Robert Byers wrote:Anyways this changes nothing of what I said.

It pisses all over your assertion that a fantasy flood caused by an invisible magic man was responsible for large scale geological phenomena, Byers, because those stones were formed by a slow process.

Robert Byers wrote:The process here is just as much a intelligent process effect as anything in nature. its not happanchance.

Total bollocks. Exactly where was the "intelligence" involved in water seeping through soil and carrying dissolved minerals with it? This latest assertion of yours is farcical in the extreme.

Robert Byers wrote:It is a part of design even if a corruption of design.


Byers, your invisible magic man isn't responsible. Your invisible magic man is a figment of the imagination of retarded Bronze Age nomads, who thought that they could alter the genetics of livestock by having them shag alongside coloured sticks. On the other hand, chemical reactions take place in the real world all the time. Byers, they are taking place in interstellar space. Scientists have detected the signatures of these reactions taking place via absorption and emission spectroscopy. The idea that there is any "intelligence" directing these reactions in interstellar space is fatuous in the extreme. If you want to discover why, Byers, get the Templeton Foundation to lend you $100 million, so you can fly on the next mission to the International Space Station, and once you're there, step outside without a space suit. We'll see how long "intelligence" lasts in space, shall we?

Robert Byers wrote:by the way I presume they got it right about chemical action.

Byers, what part of "the authors present evidence that these rocks are the result of chemical concretion" do you not understand? No "presumptions" required.

Robert Byers wrote:otherwise a answer could be they are evidence of being rounded by being tossed about when they were laid in the stratas which were laid by the flood.


Byers, once again ...


My tropical fish burst out laughing, every time you erect the nonsensical assertion that this ridiculous fantasy "global flood" was anything other than a bad piece of fiction, contained within a particularly retarded species of mythology. My tropical fish would not exist if this fantasy "global flood" had ever happened. Learn once and for all that this story is a crock of shit, it's a bad piece of fiction, it's a fairy tale and a crap fairy tale at that, because it involves absurdities on a grand scale, physical unreality writ large, and the only reason we're bothering with this festeringly bubotic and suppuratingly gangrenous mythological excrement, is because well-funded and politically well-connected liars for doctrine are peddling this worthless tripe as if it constituted established fact.

Robert Byers wrote:Funy if this becoms a problem for slow layering claims!

It isn't. You can cease entertaining that ridiculous fantasy right now.

Oh, and Byers ... have you bothered to READ what I posted last time, about the fact that the very mythology you claim to adhere to, states explicitly that those who peddle known and manifest lies repeatedly, are destined for the everlasting lava barbecue? Which means, Byers, that if your magic man actually exists, then he's looking at you right now and thinking to himself "rare, medium or well done?". Because you have repeatedly posted blind assertions that are manifest lies, and your magic man doesn't like this. Which means, Byers, that according to the belief system you are trying to propagandise for here, and which you claim to adhere to, you're going to Hell.