Posted: Aug 08, 2010 1:35 am
by ADParker
CADman2300 wrote:While going through response messages that Stevie's Indoctrination article received, a user by the title of Henrik Jensen posted a long-winded explanation of where science really stands in the most polite manner he could muster.
If reading this made you feel nauseous, there's no shame in throwing up.

To get the full nauseating effect, you should read Henrik Jensen's initial (and responding) post(s.) He was most polite and respectful, making this (all too typical) response from stevebee92653's all the more vile.

A big part of that is due, of course, to his conspiracy theory assumption, that each and every 'Evolutionaut' that happens along MUST a part of some global conspiracy and/or has been indoctrinated into buying into said conspiracy. And thus that he can just automatically dismiss anyone that disagrees with him as an indoctrinated fool, and respond to them in kind. :nono:

Henrik Jensen's made another comment on the page "4b: Ten Impossibilities of Evolution (con’t)" which resulted in a classic response as well.

Essentially it went like this:
Henrik Jensen's: "Here is why this particular question/demand is the wrong question to ask..."
stevebee92653: "Well you have to answer it or evolution is a fantasy!"
:roll: :lol: