Posted: Aug 10, 2010 10:02 am
by Rumraket
stevebee92653 wrote:So we can conclude that stevebee, who looks at the same evidence WE look at, and comes to a different conclusion than WE do, is a terrible person.
His blog is "a worthless puddle of oozing swine-cum. A giant, chaotic soup of intentional misrepresentations of real science and the hard work done by real scientists."
Stevebee is a liar. He says he has patents. WE think he is lying. Maybe he isn't a dentist. He lies about evolution evidence. He is a liar. We are scientific. He is bad. We are good.

Oh my... did little Stevie get offended? Did I hurt his feelings by insulting his blog? Do you actually have a point to make? When ideas are idiotic they deserve to get called it. And your ideas are manifestly retarded on an astronomical scale.

Once again I notice you have nothing of substance to contribute, no hard facts to refer to, no research to support your claims.

Much of your bullshit has been explained and debunked in this very thread, but all you ever do is talk out of your ass and/or ignore or intentionally misrepresent valid rebuttals. "I don't see how Y is possible when evolution says X" - knowing full well that evolution doesn't say X. Intentional misrepresentation is dishonest, and on this site you will get called out on it and ridiculed for it. You can go cry on your blog about our "indoctrinations" and how victimized you feel now.