Posted: Aug 10, 2010 8:23 pm
by stevebee92653
Re:Oh my... did little Stevie get offended?
Sorry guys, I'm not offended in the least. I'm completely used to the ragging of course. Means nothing to me. That's the way you play the game. Intelligent discussion takes two, and your choice is not to discuss, which could be very interesting for both, but to continually rag on me. No melt down here. Sorry.You're wasting your effort.

Don't you get tired or writing the same stuff over and over? Since my last entry:
When ideas are idiotic they deserve to get called it.
all you ever do is talk out of your ass
Much of your bullshit has been explained and debunked in this very thread
your ideas is intellectually dishonest.
I love the smell of melt-down in the morning
Martyr complex, get over it.

I would get tired writing this kind of feedback. Why are you here. Why waste your time? I don't get it.

Take this to a math instructor. Forget about what have to say. It's simple math:
Given: 2 people, bulldozers, rocks, anything, at point A
8 billion bulldozers, rocks, people, anything at point B, 200,000 years later.
How many doublings occur, and what is the AVERAGE time span for each doubling of the quantity of people, bulldozers, rocks, anything.
Again, the number 2 is used for SIMPLICITY, which you have so much trouble with. Use a larger number if you like. 2 is best for YOU. You HAVE TO REACH 8 billion, so the food, disease, whatever doesn't matter. You MUST reach 8 billion. That is GIVEN.
Doesn't matter what the entities are. Everything is FIXED. I'm sure you won't spend a second getting a math answer. It goes against your belief system, and you have to play pretend and ignore the question. So, I really think your best ploy here is to demean some more. Don't do an honest search. I can't wait for the "answers".