Posted: Aug 10, 2010 10:22 pm
by Atheistoclast
Now that I have been freed from the dungeons of the atheist and his minions.....

Calilasseia wrote:
The fact of the matter is that ALL things are the result of natural processes. If you want to say they were caused by god that is another story, but please don't just come up and say something is designed because it just makes you look silly.

Do you include human (or animal) creation and design as a "natural process" or does it require "magic" in your estimation?

Are engineers "technological wizards" because they create and design things?

So "rare", Byers, that the author of that paper cited instances of boulders of the sort covered in that paper that can be found on two different continental land masses.

The Flood aside, the reference to boulders recalls your example of a heap of rocks.

Now this is what Nature can do....


and this is what Nature cannot do....


The Giant's causeway requires no design inference, despite its interesting layout, but the sculpting of rock on Mt Rushmore clearly does.

It is as simple as that. But the naturalist is in perpetual denial of reality.