Posted: Aug 11, 2010 12:27 am
by Atheistoclast
Calilasseia wrote:
Yawn. Unlike many thousands of people who suffered at the hands of the likes of Torquemada and other ruthless enforcers of conformity to doctrine, you were never in any "dungeon", so drop the specious hyperbole.

Spoken like Nero himself. I was in fact consigned to the dark abyss of cyberforum oblivion.

The mere fact that you have to ask this question speaks volumes about your presuppositions. Not that it helps you, because as I've already pointed out to you repeatedly, the "design" processes humans engage in bear NO relation to the asserted "design" process ascribed by supernaturalists to their invented magic entities.

How do you know? Certainly, humans do not design by ex nihilo creation. But neither does the Creator. If we read Genesis 1, as we should , He fashioned Adam from dust and took a rib from the primordial man to make Eve. This is how engineers do things - they never reinvent the wheel.

Already dealt with this specious objection. Those examples of failed pre-Wright Brothers aircraft are hardly examples of "technological wizardry".

You confuse purposeful design and rigorous testing with aimless trial and error.

Which never happened. Observational reality says it never happened. My tropical fish laugh every time someone asserts that it did.

Your tropical fish are the descendants of those ancestors kept in Noah's aquarium aboard the Ark. This is as much a fact as that the moon orbits the earth.

And I'm still waiting for a sueprnaturalist to tell me which of those rocks was the one shaped by human hand. Which makes rather a mockery of the blind assertion that "design" is easy to detect, doesn't it?

The Giant's causeway could have been made by men, but needn't have because natural processes alone suffice as an explanation. Therefore, there is no need to make a design inference for such a case.

Oh look, it's the same specious example Polanyi is so fond of. What part of "we have evidence that humans were responsible for this" do you not understand? Such as the fact that film footage was shot of the sculptors in action? Here you go, I found this film footage with three mouse clicks.

And if no footage of its construction had been made? If an ET visiting earth were to inspect the site, would he not make an inference for design?

Bollocks. The only people in denial of reality are those who insist that magic entities are needed. 300 years of diligent scientific inquiry has rendered such asserted entities superfluous to requirements and irrelevant.

No. Science has described the various processes and laws but not the fundamental causes behind phenomena. Indeed, it has only served to show how much we fail to the existence of digital codes in DNA.