Posted: Aug 11, 2010 7:15 am
by Rumraket
SteveBee wrote:Your problem is that I brushed your question aside. You have a little bit of knowledge, and use it like you are a super-expert. You didn't understand the question I posed or the problem it makes for evolution. So I won't pose it again. It's in the vid at the beginning of this thread, but I'm sure you will have some excuse for not watching it. You think "traits" and "characteristics" are the same as "organs" and "bio-systems" and you answered my question with that misconception. You start right out spouting dogma that doesn't come remotely close to answering the question. So how do I deal with that? How do I converse someone with such disdain as you have for me, along with your complete lack of understanding of the question I posed? You did lots of noisy writing, and said nothing. You are point #1 and #2 on my list of why you are indoctrinated:
(1) When the answers you give have nothing to do with the questions I ask and you have no idea.
(2) When your answers are memorized dogma. Stuff that someone who taught you in school who doesn’t know, or a book you read written by a person who has no idea how nature came to be but nonetheless has fooled you into thinking they do.

Wow, what a giant wall of evasion and excuses. Are you going to come up with something substantial SteveBee? In the previous post you claimed you wanted an Intelligent discussion, but it seems you invest every effort to avoid such a discussion when given a chance.
I guess this is now your new approach:

1. Claim the opponent is indoctrinated.
2. Claim their answer, whatever it is, is proof of this.

Needless to say, noone is impressed with your approach to rational discourse. The fact is that you asked how stuff like a heart or teeth developed in conjunction with a developmental signaling pathway, and that I flat out answered that question. But now you are just inventing bullshit by claiming "bio system" means something different entirely AND that I didn't answer your stupid population calculation straight away. Despite the fact that your galactic-scale braindead video directly states that a bio system is stuff like an eye, or a liver or a lung or a heart.

Your evasions and lies have been noted, once again.

SteveBee wrote:Why do you need a math instructor? Because you don't understand the basic population math that I posed. And it gets tiring going over and over the same material.

It's entirely likely that you are the one who don't grasp the answers you are recieving. Once again, your pathetic approach to discourse is a perfect example of the poisoning the well fallacy.