Posted: Aug 13, 2010 12:04 am
by CADman2300
To keep things rolling right along on this thread here's a comment posted by one of Stevie's supporters on this article. ... ourt-case/
Hope your having a good year thus far too steve :)

Haha, i hope he doesn’t refer to a book now.

Anyways, Extra Extra Read All About It, Tiktaalic Transition Called Into Serious Doubt

Tiktaalik Blown “Out of the Water” by Earlier Tetrapod Fossil Footprints ... .html#more

Stevie responded with his usual kudos to someone who didn't realize that the article he sighted was produced by the Discovery Institute and was of questionable merit.
That’s a great one. thanks! Already added to my tiktaalik stuff. I hope you are having a great one too…..

But there was hope. A handsome dude named Unicron had the sense to give Radhacharan Das a good-ol up-yours.
Hey Rad, if you’re going to point to an article that tries and fails to discredit Tiktaalik, sighting it will likely be a lose-lose situation. If you don’t sight your source, it becomes easy to dismiss as made-up. If you’re confident enough to sight it and it turns out to be from the very same group that tried to pitch ID in the KvD trial, you’re screwed even more.
If that court case proved anything, it’s that no amount of confidence in your claims is worth a damn if you don’t have the evidence and extensive scientific testing to back it up. The Discovery Institute learned this the hard way and got what they deserved.

All of this is nothing new when it comes to the stevebee buzzing around and being a pain in the butt to debate with. His idea of an intelligent person is anyone who agrees with him, but this is often the case with anyone who likes to rip on evolution for no reason, personal or otherwise.