Posted: Aug 24, 2010 1:47 pm
by Calilasseia
In my case, what led me to regard his assorted eructations with well deserved scorn and derision, was the fact that he was manifestly unaware of important research arising from his own purported field, and when presented with said research, resorted to playing duplicitous apologetic with that research. I find it quite remarkable to be told by someone purporting to have been a professional dentist, that the published scientific papers I have alighted upon are supposedly worthless because they happen not to genuflect before his ignorance. A classic example being how, when I mentioned that researchers are working toward direct manipulation of stem cells in order to allow dentists in the future to grow human teeth in vitro, with a view to using what is learned from that process to develop a whole new branch of regenerative dentistry, Stevebee dismissed the entire area of research as purportedly being a 'fantasy'. Even if it takes 20 years to come to fruition, I'm going to enjoy seeing that research bear fruit, and make a mockery of Stevebee's assertions that this will never happen.