Posted: Sep 01, 2010 10:30 pm
by Moonwatcher
This argument has been brought up to certain Christian members of this board again and again. I've personally copied and pasted this basic argument in front of a couple of them over and over and over and over only to have it utterly ignored as they go right on continuing their claim that "God is immaterial and you cannot prove his actions or lack of them empirically." Of course, that they are ignoring that the historical evidence shows no such event ever happened tells you right there that they have no interest in the truth.

We see no evidence that all life on Earth except for a few people were destroyed a few thousand years ago. No response.

We see no evidence of any migration of all people from one place on Earth only a few thousand years ago. No response.

We see overwhelming evidence that cultures already existed and continued to exist. No response.

I agree with you that for honest people genuinely interested in reality, these arguments are better ones than scientific ones that people are less likely to comprehend. I'm just saying that for most of the apologists that come here, it doesn't make any difference as they either have no interest in the truth or they are just yanking our chains by the sheer illogic of ignoring all facts and evidence and then proclaiming victory.