Posted: Sep 08, 2010 4:27 am
by Darwinsbulldog
Dr. Robert Byers, PhD wrote

Its simple logic. I'll explain.
Any dates of human civilization that conflict with the bible are wrong dates.
Its just incompetent research that has any peoples existing segregated before about 2400 b.c.
You don't know Egypt had society before this date you simply accept the authority of those who write about ancient egypt.

:crazy: :crazy: :crazy:


We have, on this occasion [one of many I would wager] another Bertie Brain-fart. A nice big, obnoxious smelling, blattering wet one. Robert, you are what you eat. In my case, beans give me flatulence. The mind is like that too. A diet of pure Bible, especially when read without the healthy fiber of science, can and does lead to intellectual flatulence.

Not that I mind brain-farts per se, Robert, but you must test them dear boy. The bible itself is not consistent. The vast majority of clerics of all faiths do not take the Bible literally. Especially with regards to facts about the age of the Earth.
Let me show you the power of evolution:-


Now either learn some science, or take this opportunity to resume consultations with your hand. :naughty2: