Posted: Sep 08, 2010 8:40 pm
by CADman2300
News Alert: SteveBee just updated his blog with the article he said he was going to write about Taxonomic charts and such.
The article is called "Phylogenetic Trees, Organs, and Bio-Systems" and it's located right below articles 1 and 1A. For some reason it has the same URL as his main page so linking it might be a little tricky.
The whole article is a joke and not a very funny one either. He still sticks with his Straw Man about inter-species procreation and still shoots it down.
Then there's this:

(4) A single species common ancestor to the entire extant group would have had to evolve all organs common to the entire modern group. Not a rational possibility. The notion that a single species could evolve an organ or biological system without planning is absurd. A single species evolving an entire inventory of organs and biological systems extant and common to a modern group isn’t worth discussion.

He still sticks with the outdated idea that nature has some kind of ultimate goal and that the development of organs needs to be predetermined. He's told that evolution is an ongoing process and that organs look the way they do now because we're all in the present and that's just what they look like so far. Who knows what they'll look like in another 20 million years.

The best answer I have received from evolutinauts when discussing this subject is, “Oh, that would be common ancestry! Case closed!” I hope some evolutionaut will read this page and let me know where I am wrong. What the answer is to this conundrum. What am I not seeing. I will make any changes, and correct any errors that an evolutionaut finds. And if they can prove me wrong, I will even eat humble pie, and write a retraction. Since this entire page is from my own thinking and observations, and I certainly know I am not perfect, I sincerely am open to criticism and modification.

After reading the entire article, a better question would be "Where am I right?". If I know him as well as I think, he'll probably just attack the whoever points out his errors and leave the article unchanged.