Posted: Sep 09, 2010 1:57 am
by lucek
I'll take the challenge. The following was sent to him. I know nothing will come of it (he already shot down the eye example and called the person proposing it a troll) but who here thinks that they are changing a raving lunatics mind?

The digestive system Started as a simple indentation that could absorb nutrients. As it got deeper it could absorb more dew to increased surface area. Eventually this indentation went to the other side witch allowed the organism to excrete waste matter out of it's body. This tube connecting what can now be called a mouth and anus is the first organ in the system. From this a simple sphincter would form allowing food to remain in the body longer. The tissues surrounding the tube slowly became better at absorbing nutrients. From this more sphincters separated a section of the tube witch slowly swelled and became a stomach. The stomach formed better ways of breaking down food, while the remaining tube became still better at absorbing nutrients and removing waste from the body. Certain cells in the wall of the tube start to specialize in producing different fluids. They clump together and slowly form larger structures as this is more energy efficient then having them wasting there fluids and having them in the intestines. That's an evolutionary pathway of one of the larger organ systems. Every step gives a benefit.