Posted: Oct 06, 2010 6:46 pm
by Rumraket
stevebee92653 wrote:As usual, you are way off. You didn't mention that I have acres of attacks on me already in the comments section of my blog. They have been left for the joyful reading of any evolutionaut. Even Cali's long essay on how terrible I am, that he wrote on RD is also posted by me on my blog. Wordpress is not like I cannot archive the comments or continually make new threads. The comments go on and on, and at some point, repetitive personal attacks and repetitive evo-rants that have been done dozens of times become tiring and space wasting. My "rules" are very liberal. All I ask is that people say something with a little thought. Attack my stuff all you want using your own thinking and research. I have a large blog, and there are plenty of targets. But to continually get the same stuff over and over....."argument from ignorance",,,,,'magic space fairies".....'little stevie and his little heart", and continual links to anti-religious videos and sites is just irritating and a waste of space and time. The "don't do's" are tiny and very specific compared to what you can write. I even post many comments that break the rules horribly. You didn't mention that of course. What almost NEVER happens is any evolutionaut coming on my site and taking any page, paragraph, or point, and saying "here is where you are wrong". Is that too much of a challenge? The strange thing in this world is there is nothing that an anti-evo can do that is fair and right. Which I find very strange. But that is the way things are in this world. The BOO HOO button was just pressed, so have at it. Autopilot is always on here.

Was your application to the discovery institute rejected?