Posted: Oct 07, 2010 11:42 am
by halucigenia
stevebee92653 wrote:What almost NEVER happens is any evolutionaut coming on my site and taking any page, paragraph, or point, and saying "here is where you are wrong". Is that too much of a challenge?
Would you now care to comment on my previous post :
halucigenia wrote:Before you go Steviebee, as I promised here's another diagram I don't think that it will be a waste of our time to look at it.

and answer some of our outstanding questions now that you are back?
I think that it clearly shows you "where you are wrong" and answering those questions honestly will show you "where you are wrong".

If you are up for it I will start a new thread to discuss your new blog page, though that should be quite superfluous because of other's comments on that blog page.