Posted: Oct 07, 2010 3:29 pm
by theropod

Would it be a violation of terms to consider the possibility that this thread should be locked and further discussion, if warranted, be done in a new thread?

I see this as a never ending back and forth wherein emotional issues have rendered most, if not the entire, value of the topic exhausted. Very much like the floodite thread featuring Mr. Byers. Since there have been several claims and counter claims regarding what is and what is not a personal attack the evidence for my petition is self contained. Perhaps, as a compromise, this thread be locked for a few days and see if it doesn't just die like the terminally ill thing it is.

Surely we can find something more constructive to do besides provide an international springboard for blogs and any whacko ideas presented therein. Yes, it's fun to shine a spotlight on ignorance, and I enjoy it far too much myself at times, but there comes a point where to continue to argue with a fence post* is rather pointless.


* Southern US rural metaphor for someone set in place and usually made of hard wood such as Black Locust: Stubborn and unmovable.