Posted: Oct 17, 2010 8:37 am
by halucigenia
OK, so no response to the first assertion that has been shown to be wrong then. And stevebee is still using it over on the other thread here:-
stevebee92653 wrote:It should be viewable just from taking a nature walk. "Why, here is a worm that is in the midst of sprouting legs. In another ten thousand years it will be a walker! Oh, and there is a.........."
Asserting that since a specific thing that evolution never proposes should happen in the first place, i.e. modern species evolving along the same lines that they have done in the past does not happen then evolution is proved false (however, worms evolving legs is even more absurd than asserting modern single celled organisms should be seen evolving multicellularity) . Nice try but it's the same piss poor argument.

Anyway on we go to other assertions.

Steeveebee on his blog wrote: Each organ had to have been initiated and invented independently.

which he also takes up on the currently active thread where he states:
stevebee92653 wrote: Which means they [All bio-systems] could not evolve independently.
So, here's another of Stevebees assertions where we can show him where he is wrong.
As stevebee himself admits on his blog “[species] began to form complex organs and biological systems made up of multiple organs that worked in conjunction with each other.” These organs and biological system that work in conjunction with each other also evolved [began to form] to work in conjunction with each other not independently. Some organs and biological systems evolved in parallel while other organs and biological systems evolved to function along with other pre-existing organs and biological systems. There are many scenarios that would have been possible without the requirement for each organ to have been initiated and invented independently. For example the lung began to form as an extension of the gut as fish began to gulp air to enable them to survive in oxygen depleted waters. This rudimentary lung, as it evolved from the gut, was already co-dependent with the heart and respiratory system (gills in fish before lungs evolved) so it did not have to evolve independently from these other systems.You are wrong because this is not a requirement for each organ to have to have been initiated and invented independently according to the theory of evolution.

edit, it seems quite impossible to use the quote tags without the forum inserting an automatic link. I will resort to adding "on his blog" to quotes that come from stevebee's blog. I find it strange that the quote in the OP did not do this but quotes in subsequent posts do. Can someone tell me how to fix this?