Posted: Oct 17, 2010 12:22 pm
by Rumraket
Shrunk wrote:
trubble76 wrote:He is not interested in the facts, he knows the facts, he has been told very often. He is interested in casting doubt on evolution because his religious beliefs tell him that evolution must be wrong. In order to change his position, one must change his religious beliefs. This is clearly an unlikely thing, all we can hope for is that one day he might realise that christianity does not require evolution to be false, and indeed the largest of the christian sects already accept this fact. Unfortunately for him, his sect is a particularly backward one that places theology over empiracism, dogma over demonstrable evidence.
He cannot be helped, because he doesn't want to be helped. All we can do is to keep explaining why he's wrong in the hopes that maybe someone in the cheap seats will start to question it themselves.

In fairness (I always seem to be saying that in SteveB threads), I don't believe he's ever said anything about his religious beliefs. The closest he's come is in advocating some vague new agey-sounding idea about an underlying intelligent force behind the universe.

It seems obvious to me that he's simply hiding his religious beliefs in order to try and avoid the argument against religious presupposition. Isn't it funny how so many of his methods and arguments are total and complete copies of intelligent design creationism? Of all the theories in science one could pick to attack, he picks evolution(and abiogenesis), materialism (in regards to physical brain minds) and a naturalistic bigbang. This simply SCREAMS standard ID/creationism to me. If you notice on his blog, he has arguments, videos and articles against these three theories in science.
They are the standard subjects for creotards, and steve has picked them of all the possibilites.

If evolution(and abiogenesis) was right it would mean god didn't create Adam and Eve. So the whole myth of paradise and human origins must be wrong. Therefore creotards have a problem with evolution.

If the mind is the product of a materialist, physical brain, it means there is no soul. If there is no soul, there is no afterlife. Therefore creotards have a problem with neuroscience and a physical mind.

If a naturalistic explanation for the origin of the universe is right, that means god didn't create the universe. If god didn't create the universe, it casts doubt on the whole of abrahamic religions etc. etc. Therefore creotards have a problem with naturalistic origins of the universe.

The conclusion is obvious. SteveBee is religious but simply wants to avoid that argument by pretending he is not.