Posted: Oct 17, 2010 5:43 pm
by CADman2300
If this thread is all about him, I'm surprised he hasn't dropped in yet to defend himself. As far as his religion is concerned, on his blog is an article simply entitled "More About Me" where he goes into some detail about his religious background.
I was raised in a very Christian family. My grandfather was a Methodist minister. My dad should have been. He and my mom were very devout. We frequently had Bible study and “devotions” at night after dinner. (Ugh) Of course we attended church every Sunday. Until I was an early teen, I believed that God created everything in seven days; that Adam and Eve were the first two humans on earth, and that Noah and his family surely collected all of the animals two by two, and made an ark which saved the animals and Noah’s family from a great flood. All other life on earth was killed. In my early years I was very much a Biblical creationist. But as my thinking became more mature and independent, I began having lots of trouble with the whole idea. Outwardly I did a good job of acting. I have always been a skeptic. I was afraid to think too negatively as I was told that hell would be my reward if I didn’t believe. So I pretty much went along.

Personally, I find this part of his story to be a bit on the contrived side. Pretend to be a former YEC and it will somehow automatically grant you credibility.

But when he talks about his time as an evo-believer, things start to get pretty hairy as this paragraph states.
When I went to college my dad told me to watch out for those “evolutionists” that will teach that we came from monkeys. (At that time he didn’t realize that he and I were not on the same page. I was still a good actor.) On my first day at USC……there he was; that evil guy my dad warned me about. But I loved what he said. For me, that was it. I was fascinated. I had finally found out how we got here! It made complete sense. I was a fascinated believer, supporter, and studier, (and pro-arguer) ever since……until a few years ago when I was in the Field Museum in Chicago. I started getting those same damn “uh-ohs” that I had with Adam and Eve. It’s really a strange feeling when something that you so strongly believe starts to crash. And, this was my second time around!

I think it's safe to assume that his past as a evolutionist is completely fabricated. He doesn't point to what those "uh-ohs" were in the entire article nor does he state anywhere in the entire blog where he went to college. He's claimed in other articles that he was an "evolutionaut" for several decades but it leaves me wondering what the hell he was doing in that time. It's simply ludicrous that when he comes out, he immediately starts to accuse evolution of being a religion and a junk science.