Posted: Jan 21, 2011 5:39 am
by hotshoe
Царь Славян wrote:
Spearthrower wrote:To state that you cannot infer intention from an object is to state that you cannot infer design from an object.
Non sequitur. If design exist, intention existed. But we don't actually have to know what exactly the designer intended todo, for us to infer design. If you find a super complicated device, made by super advance aliens, you would have no idea what it's for. You would not know their intention, but you could infer that the device is designed.

You have absolutely destroyed the tenuous foundation on which design inference exists even before you have really thought about it.
No, you keep repeating this but this is not ture. What I have destroyed is YOUR SUPPOSED design detection method that hinges upon intentionallity. My method does not.

Oh, that's hilarious. Your method hinges on finding a "super complicated device made by super advance aliens" - and from something about the supercomplicatedness you're going to infer design WITHOUT inferring that the super advance aliens had SOME intention when they created the supercomplicatedness, even if we aren't able to know EXACTLY what that intention was at the time ?

Oh, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ahhh, ahh, ha, you make me laugh so hard my sides hurt.

Do you listen to yourself ? Do you practice your comedy act in front of a mirror ?

That's how weak the hypothesis is. It doesn't even resist logical prodding, it has no chance of ever being testable, ergo, it is not scientific.
How many times do I have to keep repeating myself? Natural laws and chance. If an object can be explained by any of those two then the design hypothesis is falsified. Those are the forces that can render a design hypothesis null and void. I said it at least three times already. Why are you pretending I didn't say it?

No one's pretending that you didn't say it, we've just been politely ignoring the stench of your wrongness and trying to give you a chance to wake up to what falsifiability really means. Why don't you go do a little studying and come back when you actually understand falsifiability. Then we won't have to politely pretend that you aren't dropping little turds into this conversation.