Posted: Jan 21, 2011 5:57 am
by Царь Славян
Lying again. Tsk tsk. God doesn't like you when you lie.
Show me the creations story of ID.

Nope. You're doing illegitimate cherry picking just like all the lying cdesignproponentsists at your beloved Dis-Institute. You can't weasel your way out of it by implying your cherry-picking might be legitimate because you are somehow a special case.
What if we have cherries to be picked?

Lying again. So sad. Even if you believe in design or creationism, you still believe you were created from rocks - that is, from "dust" according to one of those chapters, or from some other previously inanimate material that was given form or shaped or influenced or whatever into life by the creator or designer or whatever the hell you call it. First, there was no life. Everyone can agree on that unless you are crazy enough to think life has existed eternally unchanged. Then at some unspecified time later, there was life, although it wasn't exactly like the life we now recognize everywhere on our planet. That's "life from rocks" as a convenient shorthand, or life from dust if you insist. To quibble about it just makes you look bizarre.
But there is a difference between being intelligently created from pre-existing material and spontaneous generation. One is possible, the other is not. Computers get designed from pre-existing material, they don't spontaneously form from them. No, not even over millions of years.

Of course people don't come from rocks, what a stupid idea. People come from the stork, didn't you know ?
So you don't accept abiogenesis?

So, tell us, Tsar, what's your "objective" answer to where people come from ? You know, biologically speaking ? You can skip the sex talk - I'm pretty sure all of us know about penises and sperm and egg fertilization and all that. I'm more interested in what you think is the biological answer for the origin of the human species. Since you're such an expert in biology all of a sudden, maybe you would be so kind as to share your fabulous knowledge with us.
People were probably designed by some intelligent agent some time ago. It's unknown by whome, where, when or how...

Oh, that's hilarious. Your method hinges on finding a "super complicated device made by super advance aliens" - and from something about the supercomplicatedness you're going to infer design WITHOUT inferring that the super advance aliens had SOME intention when they created the supercomplicatedness, even if we aren't able to know EXACTLY what that intention was at the time ?
Yeah, we don't need to know the intention.

No one's pretending that you didn't say it, we've just been politely ignoring the stench of your wrongness and trying to give you a chance to wake up to what falsifiability really means.
Well then, please to say what falsifiability is, and why does is my answer wrong.