Posted: Jan 22, 2011 11:09 am
by Царь Славян
How come ID isn´t creationist?
It has no affiliation with any relgiion.

It looks creationism to me.
Well you're wrong.

And how do you explain the paradox of saying "this is better explained by an inteligence". It's a paradox because something inteligent in the origin of something requires an explanation. And What is that explanation? Or is it explaining away things?
That's what it looks to me.
It does not. If it did science would break down. We do not need an explanation of the explanation to explain something. We can explain artefacts in the ground that archeologists found without needing to explain where the people who made those artefacts came from.

We can explain what atoms are made of without needing to explain what the things that mae the atom are made of. If we did have to give an explanation right away, it would cause an infinite regress. So basicly, we could not posit the string theory to be an explanation for anything since we have no explanation where the strings come from.